Meals On Wheels

Location Trenton, NJ
Current Semester Fall 2014
Program Student Volunteers Council
The Student Volunteers Council (SVC) supports impactful service organizations and empowers student leaders and volunteers of more than 30 regular volunteering projects.
Categories Health & Human Services
Hunger, Housing, Homelessness
Time Commitment Weekly
Partner Organization Meals on Wheels
Description Princeton Meals on Wheels is a new Pace Center program that provides weekly (1) meal delivery and (2) conversations to homebound individuals. In meal delivery, pairs of students deliver pre-prepared meals on routes throughout Mercer County, including the Princeton and East/West-Windsor area. Pairing individuals in MoW with students for weekly conversations allows them to form meaningful relationships, which improve health outcomes. Furthermore, this alleviates stress on families and friends, who will know there are individuals visiting their loved ones. Students in this program will also conduct monthly nutritional assessments and learn more about the social aspects of health. Meals on Wheels is looking for committed students for both programs this summer. Please contact Nancy (nsong@) if interested!
Project Participants
Participant Role
Nancy Song '17 Leader
Evelyn Siu '15 Leader
Alexandra Ballard '16 Leader
Morgan Celistan '16 Participant
Emily Wang '16 Participant
Yonina Kirsch '16 Participant
Kiwoon Baeg '16 Participant
Jennifer Bu '17 Participant
Dahlia Kaki '18 Participant
Ashley Wang '16 Participant
Jaimie Fan '17 Participant
Adam Rosenstein '16 Participant
Leora Haber '16 Participant
Daniel DiGiorno '16 Participant
Marina Nogueira '16 Participant
Samantha Wu '16 Participant

Inactive Participants

Participant Role
Stacey Park '17 Participant
Monica Wei '17 Participant
Roberta Hutton '16 Participant
Isabella Gomes '16 Participant
Nicolas Trad '17 Participant
Joseph Wood '18 Participant
Danielle Herman '18 Participant
Suren Tavakalov '18 Participant