The Petey Greene Program

Location Local Youth Correctional Facilities
Current Semester Fall 2015
Program Student Volunteers Council
The Student Volunteers Council (SVC) supports impactful service organizations and empowers student leaders and volunteers of more than 30 regular volunteering projects.
Categories Law & Justice
Time Commitment Weekly
Description The Petey Greene program ( aims to supplement education in local correctional institutions by providing individualized tutoring to inmates working towards earning their GED. We work to promote academic achievement in prison classrooms in order to support people and build stronger communities. Petey Greene volunteers tutor math, writing, reading, or science (depending on their skills and comfort level) at local correctional facilities once a week for 3 hours. Volunteers can choose a time and day of the week that best fits their schedule. Petey Greene sends volunteers Monday-Friday, twice a day (7:20am-10:30am; 12:20pm-3:30pm). Transportation is provided. The Petey Greene Program envisions a world in which all incarcerated people have access to high quality academic programs. When individuals are released from prison, they immediately face a myriad of obstacles. Many have trouble finding jobs or a place to live. In a majority of instances, inmates return to prison, and imprisonment becomes a never-ending cycle. In fact, by some measures, the recidivism rate in the United States is almost 67 percent. While the inmates we work with face many difficulties, we see education as a key tool in breaking this vicious cycle, and we hope you become a part of our mission! More questions? Contact Lawrence Liu '16 (, Elise Georis '17 (, or Will Ziesing '16 (
Project Participants
Participant Role
William Ziesing '16 Leader
Lawrence Liu '16 Leader
Elise Georis '17 Leader
Farah Amjad '16 Participant
Tamanna Ananna '18 Participant
Charles Argon '16 Participant
Claire Ashmead '17 Participant
Kabbas Azhar '18 Participant
Alexandra Ballard '16 Participant
Luisa Banchoff '17 Participant
Matthew Blazejewski '17 Participant
Elizabeth Bou '18 Participant
Mary Irene Burke '16 Participant
Julia Case-Levine '18 Participant
Julie Chen '17 Participant
Rachel Choi '17 Participant
Jin Yun Chow '17 Participant
Katherine Cion '18 Participant
Debora Darabi '18 Participant
Dorottya Demszky '17 Participant
Evelyn Ding '17 Participant
Olutola Ebunlomo '17 Participant
Tatiana Evans '18 Participant
Tyler Fair '17 Participant
Neyat Fiseha '17 Participant
Karen Gallagher-Teske '18 Participant
William Gansa '17 Participant
Caroline Glackin '17 Participant
Maxwell Grear '18 Participant
Tiffany Huang '17 Participant
Kristy Huang '16 Participant
Anastasia Ivanushkina '17 Participant
Nicholas Jonsson '18 Participant
Anne Kartheiser '17 Participant
Yonina Kirsch '16 Participant
Evan Kratzer '16 Participant
Matthew Kritz '18 Participant
Catherine Kulke '17 Participant
Emma Latham '18 Participant
Tiara Lawson '17 Participant
Nathan Leach '18 Participant
Amanda Li '16 Participant
J Lind '18 Participant
Alissa Lopez '18 Participant
Erin Lynch '18 Participant
Anna Maritz '18 Participant
Justin Mehl '17 Participant
Evan Miller '16 Participant
Michael Moorin '16 Participant
Avaneesh Narla '17 Participant
Talya Nevins '18 Participant
Christian Pavlakos '18 Participant
Jessica Quinter '18 Participant
Jordan Radke '17 Participant
Nicholas Sexton '17 Participant
Anna Simon '18 Participant
Marcus Spiegel '17 Participant
Jackson Springer '18 Participant
Abigail Gellman '17 Participant
Min Ji Suh '18 Participant
Raina Sun '16 Participant
Daniel Teehan '17 Participant
Natasha Turkmani '18 Participant
Katherine Tyler '18 Participant
Isabelle Uhl '17 Participant
Hannah Vester '17 Participant
Eric Wang '18 Participant
Daphne Weinstein '17 Participant
Alastair Wong '18 Participant
Margaret Wright '17 Participant
Claire Zarakas '16 Participant
Jessica Zou '16 Participant
Nicholas Steidel '18 Participant
Austin Addison '18 Participant
Miranda Alperstein '17 Participant