Health in Princeton Schools

Current Semester Fall 2015
Program Student Volunteers Council
The Student Volunteers Council (SVC) supports impactful service organizations and empowers student leaders and volunteers of more than 30 regular volunteering projects.
Categories Health & Human Services
Time Commitment Weekly
Description Health in Princeton Schools (HIPS) increases health awareness in local elementary schools by recruiting Princeton University undergraduates to serve as young, relatable role models and mentors. Volunteers teach health lessons in elementary school classrooms about a range of topics, including body systems, disease prevention, nutrition, drug education, first aid, good citizenship (i.e. social and mental health and wellness), safety, and more.
Project Participants
Participant Role
Alexander Jow '17 Leader
Shruthi Deivasigamani '16 Participant
Gabrielle Escalante '18 Participant
Debora Darabi '18 Participant
Aaron Sun '18 Participant
Gwendolyn Lee '16 Participant